So, I was going to post this entry on my family blog, but since this one is called "Nana's Button Jar", I felt compelled to post it here instead!
Hannah and I decided to make some ornaments for the Christmas tree she keeps bugging me about! I saw this tutorial on Martha Stewart's website, and I figured we'd give it a try. Goodness knows we have enough buttons around here!
Hannah got so into the project! I was only going to post a few photos, but after looking through the ones I took, I couldn't decide which ones to post...she was so deep in thought...

And here are our finished ornaments...we decided to expand on the wreath and also do a snowman and tree.

...and the mess...ahhh...the mess...
It was worth it...don't you think???



Lori said...

Oh my goodness!! She is so adorable and your ornaments turned out so cute!! What a great idea. I may have to steal this one... (the idea, not the ornaments).

SGiles said...

Thanks Lori! Feel free to use the idea...the wreath is from Martha Stewart and the snowman and tree were from my imagination! :-) Have fun!!!

Lolly said...

I just love the way the ornaments turned out! perfect :) Lovely idea and such sweet photos!