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Hello All!!!
Happy December!!!
Sorry I haven't posted much lately. Life has been a bit crazy around here. Last week the hubby was out of town and I had a friend visiting, and this past week we were in the hospital with the little one. I did manage to start a sweater for her, and I promise that once I get a bit more into it, I will post photos.
Today I am writing about a new idea I had when Hannah was in the hospital. I know that many of my readers are fellow charity crafters, so I thought you'd be a good group to run this by. Please just virtually promise me that you won't run off with my idea and claim it as your own!!
So, with that said, while Hannah was in the hospital, she was miserable in hospital jammies. She begged to wear her own, but couldn't because she was hooked up to several monitors, IVs, BP cuffs, etc. When she was a baby, this was easily fixed by putting her in snap up jammies...the wires, etc could sneak out between the snaps. Unfortunately, this isn't so simple for an older child. So, she had to wear that nasty blue-green hospital gown that rode up every time she rolled over. So, while trying to calm her down, I wondered how I could modify regular jammies so they were more hospital friendly. The next time Hannah goes in, she'll be there for more than a week...and I don't feel like fighting the jammie battle with her again.
What I came up with was to make things like pants that are made of two separate pieces of fabric and then held together with snap tape. I also found a software company, Wild Ginger, who offers a free computer program that creates custom hospital clothing in all sizes!! How wonderful would it be for a child who has to be in the hospital long term to be able to wear comfy jammies in fun fabrics that don't get all bunched up when you move around?!?!
So, I am asking for opinions...do you all think this is a good idea?? I haven't approached any hospitals, etc about it yet, as I still need to make some test pieces. I am just hoping for some honest opinions as to whether or not you all feel this is a good idea or a silly one. Either way, I plan to make some clothes for Hannah's next stay...I am just hoping that maybe I can help some other little people get more comfy too.
Please feel free to post your comments...I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions!!!

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Anonymous said...

The pj's with the snaps sound like a great idea Sharon. Snaps down the sides of the legs and I'm thinking down the arms would be good to. Textiles Outfitters most likely has the snap tape. Good luck with your idea!