Chicken talk and holiday knitting

Hello Everyone!!!
So, I'm a knitting chicken...there, I said it! Not a cute knit chicken, like these, but a chicken when it comes to trying new things! The idea of knitting socks fascinates and thrills me, but the idea of going round and round on dpns bores me!! I know, I tried...needless to say, Olivia's legwarmers are not going to be done by Christmas!!
Knitting toys was a new challenge for me, since I had a fear of dpns. However, seeing the joy on the recipient's face when you give them a new handmade toy, made it worth it!
So, I decided to tackle yet another fear...mittens! We bought a pair of mittens for Hannah a few months ago at The Bay. They are super warm, but they don't fit her!! They have a draw string, which I thought would make them easier to put on, but they still fall off...her hands are just too small. So, I hunted down mitten patterns and found this one. I LOVE the way the pattern is written out...it is so user-friendly!!! I also appreciate the fact that they make it really easy to shorten the mittens for a custom fit!!!
So, I got out Nana's old dpns and cast on. I bought some UBER-soft wool at Walmart recently, and thought it would be perfect for mittens. Yeah, I know, 100% wool...hand wash only...not very child-friendly, but I don't have to wash Hannah's mittens very often, so I'm not too concerned.
After approx 24 hours of non-constant knitting, I present...
Hannah's Hand and Heart Warmers!!!

I am quite pleased with how they turned out. There are a few mistakes in them, but nothing that is noticeable or worth frogging for. I am so excited that I got over my fear!! Hmmm...what will be next? Socks, an adult sweater...*gasp* crochet??? We'll see. I have a few unfinished projects that need some post-holiday TLC first...oh yeah, and a few unfinished projects that are still supposed to be done pre-holidays!! Yikes!!!
Here are a few of the other projects I have been working on...
First up... another American Girl sweater. This one is a wrap kimono style sweater. It took a day or so to do, and is so cute!!! It has a nice eyelet detail in the front, and buttons along the bottom. I really like the way this turned out!!! WooHoo...another Christmas gift done!!!
I also decided to make myself a hat. I wish Hannah's would fit me, since she won't wear it, but its a no go. So, I found a similar adult pattern and got knitting. It didn't take me long to finish, but once I put it on...it looked AWFUL!!! My hair is too short and too close in color to the cream...so this one is destined for someones Christmas stocking too. Dang!
And finally, here is the sweater I started for Hannah when she was in the hospital recently. I don't have much done, as I am not in any hurry to finish it. I'm making it big and in spring weight, so there's no rush. It can wait until after Christmas to be finished. It is the same pattern as Hannah's Raspberry Tart, just in one size larger and with cotton-ease instead of bulky yarn.

So, that's what I have been up to. I still have to finish (err...start) a few gifts and then make a sweater for our friend's baby's first birthday. I figure I'll tackle that one when we're home for Christmas. I'll need something to keep me occupied and out of trouble!!!
If I don't write again before we head out of the country...


Sparky said...

Don't mess with DPNs - knit socks in the round using Magic Loop!! I love it love it love it!

Anne B. said...

Good luck with the Xmas knitting! And don't be afraid of anything, just take it out back in the alley and show it who is boss! Rawr!!