Christmas Knitting Update

Happy New Year's Eve!!! So, I thought I'd write a quick post about all of the handmade presents I made this year. Olivia lucked out with the most "stuff". She seemed to really like her American Girl sweaters, and she loved the hat that I made. I held up the legwarmer I made to her crazy long legs, and I was right...WAY too short!! Thankfully I went with my gut and didn't finish the second one!!
I gave my Mom her angel, even though I never got a chance to make it stand up...she liked it just the same, and might get out the fabric stiffener on her own.
I think that's it for gifts I made. I had a lot more planned out, but they never happened...oh well. I did manage to start a new sweater while I was in New England. Our friend's little guy is turning one in a week or so, so I thought he needed a sweater to keep him warm this winter. It is coming along nicely, and I am hoping to have it done and some photos taken shortly.
As for new projects on the horizon, I have another WCOBBS blanket headed my way. I started Pooh Bear and Friends back in July, and I'll be finishing him up as well. I also found out that Craig's cousin is expecting a little girl in March, so I figure I should make something to send to Boston. I was going to make another blanket like my Willoughby, but when I looked at their registry, I noticed that they had chosen pink and green as the nursery colors...hmmm...now I'm tempted to finish up The Floridian instead.
I also got lots of knitting related stuff for Christmas!!! I couldn't resist and I bought myself a teddy bear pattern book called, The Best Dressed Knitted Bears, by Emma King. The bears were too cute to pass up!!! Then, the hubby bought me all three Susan B. Anderson books!!!! I'm super psyched!!!! Finally, my In-laws spoiled me with an electric ball winder!!! I would have been thrilled with a hand crank one, but this thing is slick!!! I had to mail it to myself since it didn't fit in the luggage with all of our other new items, so I am chomping at the bit until it gets here! There's hope that my stash will some day be organized!!!! WooHoo!!!!
Well, I better end this post...the Diva is napping, the food is all cooked for our New Years Eve party at a friend's house, and I have a sweater that needs finishing...oh yeah, and I need to jump in the shower!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and that 2010 brings you good times, great health, and lots of fibery goodness!!!

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