Crazy Quilt

Happy Saturday!!!
I wanted to introduce you all to my 7th WCOBBS blanket!!! This one I have named Crazy Quilt. We wanted to sneak one more blanket into the Christmas delivery, so it was decided to do a Fast-track blanket. So, for this one, all of the knitters have one week to finish their section instead of two weeks. I got the needles on Thursday night, cast on when I got home from coffee with my knitting buddies, and I finished last night...24 hours...not bad. I stuck with a basic garter stitch pattern for the sake of getting it done quickly. This blanket doesn't have a stitch or color theme, so I am curious to see how she turns out!!!
You'll also notice that I changed my blog layout...again. I needed something more wintry, and I fell in love with the coziness of this layout! There's nothing better than curling up with a mug of hot chocolate or coffee and knitting the day away!! At the top, you will find some links that I have added...I still have some more work to do, so bear with me!!
Well, I'm off to work on Liv's Legwarmers a bit more. This project is so BORING!!! Round and round...round and round...it feels like they're never going to end!!!
Have a great weekend!!

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