Another one in the Done Pile!

Hey Everyone!!
I am so happy to report that Baby Adam's Birthday Sweater is done!!! Thank Goodness, since his party is Saturday!!
This sweater was super easy, but super tedious! It is all done in garter and stockinette...boring!!! I thought I'd fly through it, but after the holidays, I couldn't get my head into it. Oh well...no worries, I got it done!
I am super proud of my seams...they look really good (if I do say so myself)!! So, without further ado...here's the little monster!!!

Yarn Used: Red Heart Ltd. Comfort Sport
Size: 18 months (I think...I still have to check it against some of Hannah's old clothes)
Mods: None...completed as written
Overall, I am pretty happy with this one. It has the potential of being a "go-to" sweater pattern when I'm in a pinch. Even though it took me a bit to get it done this time, I could fly through it if I tired!!
Well, I'm off to find some cute patterns in my Itty Bitty Books!! I have been dying to start something from them, but I wanted to get this sweater done first!!

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Lori said...

What a cute sweater!! nicely done. And, well done seams are a moment of well-deserved pride indeed.