She's Finally Done!!!

Hey Everyone!

Well, this pretty lady was done about a month and a half ago; except for one thing…she didn’t have a face! I despise embroidery, so I tend to knit up projects and then sit on them when it comes to stitching on their face. That was the sad story for Lolli, the teddy bear.

Today I finally bit the bullet and stitched on a face. Am I 100% happy with it? Nope. Do I think I could ever achieve 100% happiness? Nope. So, I’ll deal with how she turned out.

I LOVE this pattern! I LOVE this yarn! It is Susan B. Anderson’s Baby Bear pattern, and I used Bernat Baby Jacquards in Berries and Cream. I think it is the perfect color combo for a baby girl, don’t you? And wouldn’t you know it; the hubby’s cousin had a baby girl last week!! WooHoo!!

Tomorrow I will bid adieu to Lolli as she makes a trip East to Boston with the 5-Hour Baby Sweater and Quick and Easy Baby Hat that I made. Safe travels little buddy!!

Creations by Kara


P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for photos of the "B is for Boy" blanket I finished up last night!!  It's being washed and shaped today!!!


Maggie Reno said...

So cute! I have no patience for knitting so I'm always amazed by people with this talent! Way to go on the face.

Kara@ Creations by Kara said...

Way to bite the bullet and get her finished. She's adorable!