Let's see who was paying attention

Hello All!!

So, I made a little change to my blog today...did you notice??  Probably not, as it wasn't anything major.  Under the title of my blog, it used to say, "Making my way through Michaels...one aisle at a time."  It now says, "A collection of all things crafty, culinary and a bit of crazy."  I'm not sure that I love the new description, but it does explain this blog a bit better.  In all honesty, I do go through most of the aisles at Michaels, but only because the yarn section is in the back and I have to pass everything else to get to it!!

If anyone has a better idea for the tag line, please let me know.  I just felt that I needed to incorporate my recent posts about food somehow, since they have gotten quite a bit of attention. 

Speaking of food, hubby and I bought the cookbook, "ad hoc at home," by Thomas Keller this week, and we are anxious to start trying some of his awesome recipes.  So, expect that you'll be seeing some reviews in the next few weeks.  Also, we're counting down to our night out with Eric Ripert, where we are going to hear him speak and then attend a wine tasting after party with him, so be sure to check back the first week of February for that post.  After we saw Anthony Bourdain last year, we really modified our thoughts on cooking good food at home.  I cannot wait to hear Chef Ripert's thoughts and see what good ideas we take home with us!!


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