New Knitting...Sarah's Sweater

Hello All-

I wanted to share this super quick knit with you all.  It is a basic raglan style sweater, designed for a newborn.  Since I don't have any newborns in my life right now, it became a sweater for Hannah's Cabbage Patch Doll, Sarah.

The pattern is called Sweet and Lo, and it was recently added to Ravelry.  I used up some leftover Full O'Sheep yarn from Hannah's Cabled Dress.  It literally took one night of tv watching to make it. 

I made a few mods to the pattern, based on previous experience.  First, I changed the suggested garter edging to moss stitch.  I have been burned too many times with garter edges rolling.    Next, I didn't have the required dpns to do the sleeves, so I knit them flat and seamed them afterwards.  Considering that it is a short sleeved sweater, it only took a few stitches to close things up. 

Finally, I picked up many more stitches than suggested around the neck.  I don't think this alters the look at all...I just didn't want any stretching between stitches.  I think part of the reason why I had so many stitches to pick up is because my yarn wasn't quite as bulky as needed.  I also made my sweater a touch longer than the pattern suggested.

All in all, this is a super cute sweater that I look forward to making again.  I also think it is a great lesson in raglan sweater design for those who haven't done one before. 

Happy Knitting!

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