Fresh from the Oven: Homemade PopTarts

Hello All-

Despite being in the middle of selling our house, I've still be cooking up a storm!  I have to be creative, as I can't have all-day baking sessions, for fear that we'll have a last minute showing and I have to pack things up quickly.  So, I have been going through Pinterest (my newest addiction) and finding quick recipes that don't make much of a mess. 

Last weekend, I decided to have a go at making my own homemade PopTarts.  As a kid, we always had these in the pantry.  I used to eat them more as a snack than anything...and once the S'mores flavor came out, I became quite a fan and ate countless pastries during college.  Ironically, hubby had never eaten a PopTart...can you believe it??

I found a few recipes online and it seemed like the fastest one involved using pre-made pie crusts.  In a pinch I will use these again, though I plan on making my own crusts for most future batches.

First, roll the dough out a touch and cut it into strips. 

Next, decide what fillings you want to use.  Hannah picked strawberry jam, hubby selected wildberry jam, and I opted for an old favorite, brown sugar and cinnamon.  You can use most any kind of jam/preserve, or even some chocolate chips or Nutella.  The options are endless!!  Once you decide on your fillings, spoon them into the lower portion of your strips.  One recipe suggested using no more than 2 Tablespoons...I went a bit overboard and you'll see in the "after" photos that my wildberry one blew up in the oven.

If you do brown sugar and cinnamon, be sure to add a few pats of butter too!!
Once your filling is in, fold over the top of the strip and press the edges down with a fork.  Place all pastries onto a parchment lined baking sheet.  Bake at 425 for 8-10 minutes and voila!  You have your own PopTarts!
As you can see by my exploding pastry, parchment is KEY!!!
Make sure you let them cool completely before serving.  Jam tends to get blazing hot and cools slowly for some reason.  Also, if you really want a treat, you could whip up a glaze of powdered sugar and milk...yummy!!

As you can see, they were a hit!  As for things I would change, I would use much less filling and make my own crusts.  I think that combo would make for much lighter pastries, though the Diva didn't seem to mind all of the extra filling!!

Happy Baking!

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