Garden Update...An Overdue Update

Hello All-
Sorry for the delay in posting.  My Mom was visiting from the States for 12 days, and we were out and about every day!!  Needless to say, I didn't get much free time to blog.  So, it is catch up time!!

I wanted to start with a post about where the garden is at right now.  I've actually had a few emails asking how things were looking, since our summer in Calgary hasn't been ideal for gardening.  It has been rainy, then too dry, hot, then chilly, and don't even get me started on the hail!!  (That's a post all on its own!)

So, without further ado, here's what the garden looked like as of yesterday afternoon...

My flowers are all in full bloom.  I pulled the two sunflowers I had put in earlier...something happened, and the blooms never opened!  They got black and droopy and I was sick of looking at them.  So, Hannah and I hit a clearance sale at Home Depot yesterday and we bought the sunflower you see in the photo, as well as a blackberry bush.  With the upcoming move, we won't see any fruit on the bush, but I thought it would be a nice surprise to whoever buys the house, come next summer.

My gooseberry bush is also full of fruit, but I am still waiting for the berries to get red.  Hopefully the birds don't pick the fruit off before they get fully ripened.  We did discover that the strawberry thief in the yard was one of the robins we had been watching.  Oh well...Hannah loves watching the birds, so we were happy to share our bounty with them. 

As you can see, from this photo, I had slacked quite a bit on my weeding.  Yesterday I filled this bucket to the top in the backyard and again in the front.  It feels so good to have it done now...things look so much better!! 

While weeding, I not only pulled out the old sunflowers, but I also took out some salvia that never did well in the garden and a few petunias that had seen better days.  It's funny, once you start thinning out the dead stuff, everything else looks so much more full and happy. 
Of course, it wouldn't be an afternoon in the garden without my little helper!  She decided that weeding was boring, but chasing butterflies and dressing up in her "suit of armor" were much more fun.  Ahhh...to be 4 again!  She did tell me that the gardens looked better post-weeding, so I guess that's all the affirmation I needed!!

Tomorrow I'll post about my veggies, cherry tree and herbs...next week I'll give you the full front yard update too!

Stay tuned!!

Happy Gardening!



Tabby Bear said...

Good that you pull out those dead plants. I just did that too yesterday and it is really refreshing for your garden to look. I can't wait for your veggies and fruits.

Rose Dipped said...

Your flowers look so lovely! I must agree that plants need to breathe and if you let them enough space the will look astonishing!

Child Piano said...

Nice garden and nice article too! Well, there could be a lot of reasons for the dying plants like incompatible soil, under or over water, under or over sunlight, and insect and fungus attack. But it’s good that you have pulled out the dead plants because otherwise they might attract some pest particularly a fungus.