Fresh from the Oven: Homemade Cheese Crackers

This post was supposed to have run back in September and for some reason it bounced back as a draft and isn't on my blog anymore...I'm reposting for those who didn't see it the first time.

Hello All-
I've finally gotten settled in enough at the new house to start baking again.  First up, a recipe that I spotted on Pinterest.  It is for homemade cheese crackers, similar to Cheeze-its. 

These little crackers are super easy to make and so delicious!!  I did make a few changes to the original recipe, one on purpose and one accidentally.  The intentional change was that I backed off on the red pepper flakes that the recipe calls for.  I halved the amount, but in all honesty, I think I'll skip them all together next time.  If I were making these crackers for an adult party or as twists, I would keep the flakes in, but for snacking, I prefer them plain.  The mistake that I made on the recipe was so silly.  I had my butter softening and I forgot to put it in!  I wondered why my dough wasn't forming a ball, so I added a touch more milk.  That's when it hit me that my butter was sitting on the counter...d'oh!  I added the butter and sure enough, a dough ball formed.  The extra milk made the dough a bit sticky, but nothing that a few sprinkles of flour couldn't fix.

I do encourage you to use parchment paper when you make these crackers.  I was still frazzled by my butter mistake, so I forgot.  They didn't stick, but started to brown up a bit sooner than I would have liked.

I must say, these crackers are addicting!  All three of us were munching on them last night, and I have already had a few handfuls this morning.  I am waiting for the weather to cool down a touch so I can make some homemade soup and throw a few handfuls of crackers in!  I think they'll be super yummy served that way.  Hubby couldn't believe how similar they tasted in comparison to the store-brand crackers. 

All in all, this was a wonderful recipe and a hit in our house!  I think there will be many more batches being whipped up in the future!

Happy Baking!


Susan said...

I'm making these.... tonight. THANKS!! I'm also going to omit the red pepper flakes. (We don't even have any.)

I appreciate this recipe has just a handful of ingredients and they are things we have almost all of the time. (Until we run out of cheese.)


Sharon G said...

So glad you can use the recipe!! Hannah is a big fan of them and I can't stop eating them!! I think I'll be making another batch before too long!