All Around Town: Muttart Conservatory

Hello All-
Looking for a way to bring some color to your day?  The Muttart Conservatory has got your covered!!  This (not so hidden) gem is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon and forget about any dreary weather that may be lurking outside.  Beneath three of the four glass pyramids are displays showcasing arid, tropical and temperate plants.  The fourth pyramid is called the Feature Pyramid and during our visit it was decorated for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Though the Conservatory offers guided tours, we opted to roam around on our own.  After looking at their tour schedule, I am looking forward to their orchid and Christmas tours.

One of the best features of this Edmonton attraction is that you can either pop in for a quick visit or linger for hours.  We moved right along (at a pace that kept Hannah interested) and it took us about an hour to go in and out of the four pyramids.  If the weather is nice, be sure to add a bit of extra time to roam the grounds and the beautiful outdoor gardens that surround the facility.
I also loved the gift shop and the attached cafe smelled heavenly!!  I may have to schedule in some coffee time to my next visit as well!!

So, if you've got a case of the winter blues, the Muttart Conservatory has got your cure!!

Happy Exploring!

An update:  We went back to Muttart this weekend and the orchid display is AMAZING!!!  Be sure to check it out!!!

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