Fresh from the Oven: 5-Minute Bread

Hello All-

This week has been misty and cold here in Edmonton, so what better to make than a loaf of bread?  Normally, I would have busted out my bread machine to make some perfectly shaped, perfectly baked loaf, but this time I wanted to try something new.  Despite all of my baking, I had never jumped into the world of making bread from scratch...and now was the time to do it!

Of course I put aside my numerous cookbooks and turned to my trusty buddy, Pinterest, to help me find the perfect recipe to try.  I wanted something relatively simple with not a lot of ingredients.  Much to my surprise, I found a recipe that fit both criteria!! 

The recipe for this magical bread can be found on the Heart, Hands, Home blog.  One of the best things about this dough is that it only uses four ingredients, flour, salt, yeast and water!!!!  I had everything on hand already, and when I saw how much flour it used, I ran over to Save-On Foods to grab some more (they had their unbleached flour on special this week...score!!!)  Another wonderful thing about the dough is that it keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge!  I was able to make a small loaf the other night as a trial run, and save the rest of the dough for Thanksgiving!! 

Once you get the dough all mixed, there is a separate post on the blog for the actual baking.  (Click here)  I was so excited that despite all of the unpacked boxes in the basement, I was able to find my pizza stone.  After making this bread, I can assure you that it won't end up on a basement shelf like it did at the old house.  It has been promoted to the baking cabinet!!  I need it handy for when I start craving bread!

The final product came out awesome!!  It was great straight out of the oven with some butter, and later in the week, we also used some of it to make grilled cheese sandwiches.  I can see using this same recipe for small dinner rolls, bread bowls, baguettes, you name it!!  I have a feeling that there will be a batch of dough waiting in the fridge from now on!!

Happy Baking!!


Jolene said...

mmmm, that looks good! I often make my own bread and even have my boys making bread because they go through so much of it I can't keep up! I love that this dough can keep in the fridge like that! Definitely going to try this recipe out!

I just came across your blog and had to laugh a little.....after reading through a bunch of your posts and seeing you used to live here in Calgary then moved to Edmonton I was thinking "oh you poor woman" LOL! I did the opposite, my family moved from North of Edmonton to Calgary more than 23 years ago. But then I clicked on your "About" page and immediately recognized your husband!Your husband was one of my husband's bosses here in Calgary :)...my husband is a night supervisor. I met you both briefly at last years Christmas party.

Sharon G said...

Sorry I'm just replying now...I am so forgetful!! I mentioned your message to "the hubby" and he had wonderful things to say about your husband!! So many of those Christmas parties are such a blur to me...I rarely get dressed up, so I spend half the night cursing at myself for making a poor shoe choice!! I heard that this year's party was great at COP...sorry we weren't in town to stop by! Please send our best to the Calgary crew...we miss everyone very much, but we are thankfully enjoying Edmonton as well. Happy Holidays!!!

Jolene said...

They definitely miss your husband down here, but Alex says he's heard about the big improvements up there thanks to him!

We didn't go to the Christmas party this year actually. We were looking forward to it ever since last year, but then when we got the information about it they had moved it to the complete other side of the city at COP. An hours drive away just doesn't work for us. Our kids are old enough they don't need a sitter, but since driving alone would have been almost 2 hours that's just longer than I'm comfortable with leaving them alone at night. And I'm not too keen on driving across the city on a Saturday night, especially this time of year when people are doing their Christmas drinking and partying. There was an offer for hotel nearby up there, but neither of us drink, so spending the money for a room an hour away just didn't make sense(I can understand for anyone drinking), but then we would have to have someone stay the night with the kids too. It was just too much hassle for a couple hours out. We were so disappointed though, thinking it would be at the Deerfoot Inn again we were looking forward to it all year.

Alex said the guys he's talked to said it wasn't that great either, they said the food wasn't nearly as good as Deerfoot and I guess because construction is still ongoing at COP it was a long walk to another building to use a bathroom LOL. We're hoping they will switch it back to Deerfoot for next year....of course living about 10 minutes away from there it's convenient for us LOL.

We didn't go the kids one either, there wasn't any details on what there would be there, all they gave was a date and a time and that it would be at COP. Our oldest is past the age for a gift now too. Shaker's was ok last year because there was stuff for older kids, but not knowing what there was supposed to be for them this year and worried it would be geared toward the little kids and the drive up there would result in bored kids we decided not to go to that one either.

I'm glad you're liking Edmonton! We went there for a couple of days in the Summer of 2010. We loved Fort Edmonton(I remember loving it as a kid too), but I was so disappointed in West Ed....I hadn't been up there in 20 years and couldn't believe the terrible shape it was in, they were doing some work on it but many years too late. It was nice to see after so many years, but made me glad my parents moved to Calgary so many years ago, I definitely like it here better.

I'm sorry, I'm a horrible rambler LOL! I hope your family has a wonderful holiday season!