Fresh from the Oven: Cream of Tomato Soup

Hello All-

With the changing of the leaves and a chill in the air, it is officially soup making time!!  I wanted to make something that would go nicely with the 5-Minute bread I made, so I started searching online.  I had recently had Cream of Tomato soup at our local sandwich shop, and it was heavenly, so that's the direction I decided to head in.

I stumbled across this recipe and it looked too easy not to try.  I used 2 pounds of on-the-vine tomatoes for my soup.  I used 7 or so small/medium ones, and that did the trick.  I probably could have gotten away with fewer beefsteak or another large tomato, but I wanted the sweetness of the smaller ones.  I also didn't want so much meaty-ness from the larger tomatoes.  Other than that, I stuck to the recipe.

I think the next time I will put the tomatoes through a sieve to remove the seeds (or cut them out before cooking).  Aside from some little pops from the seeds, it was super smooth, and so tasty with our Havarti and homemade bread grilled cheese sandwiches.  All in all, the perfect fall dinner!!

Happy Cooking!

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