All Around Town: Reynolds-Alberta Museum

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This week we venture out of the Edmonton city limits and head to Wetaskiwin and the Reynolds-Alberta Museum.  If you enjoy transportation and history, this is the place for you!  We visited back in early September when my in-laws were visiting town.  Both my hubby and father-in-law love old cars, so this was the perfect spot to visit.

The day we went, we not only got to see the museum and the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame, but we were also treated to the Harvest Festival, including the threshing competition.  Now I know that might not sound like fun to some of you, but it was actually quite interesting.  I just need to remember to bring my allergy medication for next year!!

For those of you with children, this could be hit or miss (unless you know they like transportation "stuff").  Hannah enjoyed herself, but I found myself walking around with her quite a bit looking for the various interactive displays, while the rest of our group stopped to read plaques, etc.  Though, with that said, there were quite a few things for kids to check out and stay occupied, so she never seemed to get bored. 

The museum is very well laid out and moves right along.  The day we went they had a quilting exhibit, bread making demos and a spot where you could shake your own butter.  I really liked the period costumes and the fact that they went above and beyond the typical car museum.  I felt like we were learning as much about history as we were about how people moved.  Hannah also loved the simulated drive in theater and the tractors that you can climb on and explore.

A short walk brought us over to the aviation building, home to the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame.  The spiderweb of planes and other aircraft was very well designed and showcased each piece nicely.  A highlight was being able to get up inside a helicopter and look around.

My only complaint about the museum was the food service.  Though they listed a variety of snack bar type items on their menu board, they only had a few offered that day.  I don't know if they were having trouble keeping up with the large crowd, or if this is a regular issue.  It also took nearly a half hour to get the grilled cheese and burger that we ordered.   I would be curious to see how smoothly things run on a non-event day. 

Though I am not a huge car enthusiast, I do look forward to going back again.  I think this will be on the list of attractions that we bring company to.  It is a nice drive and a fun place...a 10 in my book!!

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