DIY Recycled Bird Feeders

Hello All-

I was going through some photos left on my camera and I came across a project that I had been wanting to post and forgot.  About a month or so ago (before the snow), Hannah and I decided to do something nice for both the birds and the environment.  We made toilet paper tube bird feeders!!  This was a mildly messy project, but easy to clean and lots of fun!  Even though many of you may have snow, this can easily be adapted to being an indoor project...just be sure to cover the surface you're working on well to avoid a big mess.

First, we collected a few toilet paper tubes from our craft bag.  I had been saving them for a bit with no project in mind, so this was a perfect use for them!!

Next, you'll want to gather all of your supplies.  I suggest getting everything out first, since things can get a bit messy once the peanut butter comes out! 

For this project you'll need:
- Toilet paper tubes
- Bowl for peanut butter
- A child safe knife (or an adult can do the spreading)
- Birdseed
- A tray to catch extra birdseed

Once everything is ready, you'll want to put a fair amount of peanut butter in your bowl.  It doesn't take much to cover the tube, but little ones may have some trouble spreading it because of the stickiness, so you'll want to give them some extra. 

Then, spread the peanut butter all over the tube.  I found it best to put my fingers inside the tube to hold it and keep it's shape better while spreading.  The oils from the peanut butter tend to make the cardboard a touch soggy and it will crush much easier.  you might even want to hold the tube for your child while they cover it with peanut butter.

Next, roll the tube in birdseed.  I found that putting a bunch of seed into an old pie plate worked well.  It also made clean-up easier.

Once your tube is fully covered, find a tree branch to slide your tube over.  Be sure that you can easily see the branch from a window in your home, since snow may prevent you from getting outside to view.

Finally, admire your work and wait for a few new friends to stop by! 

The best thing about this project is that we had all of the materials in the house already, so it cost nothing.  It is also easy enough to make year round, so your feathered friends won't go hungry!!

Have fun making your toilet paper bird feeders!!

Happy Crafting!

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