DIY Fun Foam Ornaments

Hello All!

Last night when we were putting up our family Christmas tree, I came across some ornaments that I thought I would share with all of you. 

When Hannah was little, we were concerned that her curiosity would result in some broken ornaments at Christmas.  So, I decided to make some 100% unbreakable ones. 

These are made out of fun foam, and take no time at all to make.  When I made these, sticky backed foam wasn't as available as it is now.  So, I used super glue and hot glue.  Now, you can get most any color or shape with a sticky back, making this project even easier!

First, you need to decide what shapes you will be making.  I used some cookie cutters as inspiration, but several of my ornaments were made free-hand.  I also based several ornaments on their breakable counterparts. 

Once you know what shapes you are doing, simply trace or draw out your shapes on the foam and cut them out.  Keep in mind the possibility that your shapes may end up reversed if you have any markings left from drawing them.  Also, be careful when you cut them out.  I was able to make two candy canes out of one cutting.  I simply made one in the reversed colors of the other.  Some other tools that can be helpful are hole punchers for berries and printable images on the computer. 

Finally, once all of your pieces are cut out, assemble them either with their sticky backs or glue.  When I use hot glue or super glue, I place all of my shapes on parchment paper.  It saves me from making a mess if the glue spills out the sides.
To hang your ornaments, you can use wire, ribbon, pipe cleaners, you name it.  I decided to use wire for mine.  I took a small piece of wire, doubled it over and twisted the ends together.  I then took a small scrap of coordinating foam and hot glued the pieces together, with the wire sandwiched in the middle.  On some of the ornaments, such as the blue ball with snow, I sandwiched the wire between the white and blue foam. Be sure if you do this that none of the wire is peeking out from under the foam.  It wouldn't take much to scratch a little one, which defeats the purpose of making kid friendly ornaments!! 

The possibilities are endless with this craft!  You could even pre-cut the pieces and have an ornament party with your kids and their friends.  These make great keepsakes, and you could even add a photo to a wreath shaped ornament for a great gift for family members.  I'd love to hear your ideas!!

Happy Crafting!!

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