A 2012 Update

Hello All!!

Well, we're finally back to Canada after spending a few weeks in the States for the holidays, and I'm slowly getting back to my crafting and blogging routine.  I'm in the middle of collecting some photos, etc for a few posts, so stay tuned for some new stuff.

I did come to a realization while we were back East regarding what crafts I should be doing this year, or at least in the short term.  While in a more humid climate, my hands started to heal.  For those of you who know me in real life, you may have noticed that come winter, my hands are all cracked and bleeding from the Alberta dryness (as well as way too much Christmas knitting).  Thankfully, I came home with soft healed hands, and I am really enjoying it!!  So, with that said, I think I will be taking a bit of a knitting hiatus.  I have numerous sewing projects pinned on Pinterest and I cannot wait to get going on them.  I also have a bunch of recipes that are screaming my name to try, so they'll be taking over soon too.  Not to mention that I have already started getting the gardening itch!!

So, with all of that said, stay tuned and see what 2012 brings to Nana's Button Jar!

Happy New Year!!


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