Spring Fever!!!

Hey Everyone!!
The fever has shown it's ugly head in our house recently.  No, I don't mean the flu (Thank Goodness!!), I mean Spring Fever!!  Though it is still clearly winter, we have been getting lots of sun lately, which has brought with it warmer days, lots of melting, and many many thoughts of spring!!

To help get ready for the upcoming season, I have been a busy bee.  We're in a new house, so I am still learning what plants are already in the ground (the former owner left me a very detailed journal...score!), and what grows best in our location. 

I wanted to share a few recent purchases with you, as well as give some updates on plants I have mentioned in the past.

First up, I scored some beautiful planters at Winners recently.  The tags said they were beverage coolers, but they screamed planters to me!  I am going to use the larger two for veggies out back and the smaller one for bulbs out front.

I've also collected a few seed packets and books about local gardening.  I'm still planning on consulting my trusty Square Foot Gardening book, but I figured I'd add a few more good reads to the mix. 

For seeds, I am trying a new brand this year,  Renee's Garden.  The various seeds I bought are all smaller versions of veggies, perfect for patio growing.  I'm going to miss my old garden in Calgary, but I think these seeds will offer a new and exciting growing method.  I bought my seeds at the Enjoy Centre, but based on their website, it appears as though they sell all over the US and Canada, as well as from their site directly. 

Even Hannah has gotten into the growing spirit.  A week or two ago, we went to the store and picked out some easy to grow seeds.  She picked Cosmos and Marigolds.  They are growing great, and she is learning a wonderful lesson about responsibility.  She sprays them daily and lets me know if they need a bigger drink.  I can't wait until it is warmer outside she she can pick where we plant them.  I saw some cute rubber boot planters the other day at the Enjoy Centre, so maybe those will work...we'll see!! 

Stay tuned for a few more gardening posts...tis the season!!

Happy Planting!

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